Update: Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit 2010

Las Vegas, Nevada – The Mezeo team is at the Tier 1 Research Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit this week. The Summit has been very well attended this year, and we are seeing an increased focus on the cloud (evident by the name change of the summit itself) and much discussion on the enterprise adoption of the cloud. This is our third time to sponsor the summit, and we’re seeing new faces like CA and Nimsoft this year.

In the opening keynote, Antonio Piraino, VP of research for Tier1 Research, talked about “phase two” of the cloud computing market. In this phase, Piraino says we’ll see enterprises begin to seek hybrid solutions and telcos enter the cloud market. He noted that the entry of the telco cloud is a significant development in that it reflects that enterprises are driving this demand for cloud-based solutions. This change is already evident in the marketplace with many of the recent telco acquisitions of cloud based providers.

On Tuesday, I participated in a panel discussion with CA, Microsoft and Verizon Business on Enterprise Cloud Adoption. The consensus from these big players is, like Tier 1, is that they are seeing enterprises begin to move to the private cloud, and that the public cloud adoption was coming next.

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